Stephanie Herro – Dementia Specialist

Stephanie Herro is a Dementia Specialist and has many years of experience working with people with dementia and their families. She has a vast understanding of how systems that provide services to underprivileged populations can provide opportunities for improvement through historical missteps and negligence. 

She has a successful background in building relationships between individuals and organizations who can affect system change to improve service delivery to people who are most in need, while honestly addressing the disparities affecting the way individuals and groups receive assistance. Stephanie believes cross-system collaboration and open communication are the foundation to creating changes that can positively impact how the public experiences government and community-based support agencies.

In her role as the State of Oregon’s Dementia Policy Analyst, Stephanie will be available to partnering agencies and community organizations for consultation, training, and other work related to dementia care efforts. She will be working to expand initiatives related to service equity and dementia, collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to enhance dementia care practices and education, participate in legislative and rule-making processes, and update and promote the State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias in Oregon (SPADO).